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Chinese Shale Gas Revolution

America’s booming shale gas industry has created headlines around the world!  We are seeing emerging markets in a growing number of countries centered around hydraulic fracturing for shale gas.  As a matter of fact, many experts believe China specifically has immense potential over the next two decades to become an even larger producer of shale gas than the United States of America.


The Chinese are well aware of their positioning, but they have unique obstacles to overcome that we do not in the USA.


BBC News reporting…



Chinese Shale Gas Facts


5.-gas-shales-China-300x231Before American workers become concerned about a Chinese Shale Gas Revolution, they should remember that the Chinese are new to the process of hydraulic fracturing.  Chinese companies have already begun making contact with American workers and are paying top dollar for their expertise… in other words, a Chinese shale gas boom could equal more job opportunities for Americans who would be interested in living abroad on assignment!


Some important facts about the emerging shale gas industry in China:

  • Chinese shale gas basins are far richer than the USA’s basins
  • Chinese shale gas is harder to produce than in the USA
  • China has immense manpower, but lacks experience
  • China can reduce it’s dependency on high-polluting coal energy
  • A Chinese Shale Gas boom could create new jobs abroad for Americans

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