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THE Benefits

  Do you need oil & gas drilling management and accounting software that is designed to make your job easier? Here at Business Intuition, we strive to provide our customers with services designed to help manage daily costs and keep track of daily drilling progress. If you are looking for the best in well management software, you’ve come to the right place.


  At Business Intuition, our flagship product is BI ORS which is our Operational Reporting System platform that allows you to track, store, and analyze data from the beginning of the drilling process all the way through completion and Plugging/Abandonment. We also have a module that will help you construct an effective, accurate authorization for expenditure. With our BI AFE Management software program, managing AFEs has never been easier. Our Operational Reporting System, also known as BI ORS. With BI ORS you can do rig cost tracking, store, and analyze data that will help you plan and organize the drilling process. BI ORS will track your data from the beginning of the drilling process all the way until the end – from permitting to completion, and even through workovers and abandonment.


  • Web-Based Software

  • Database Driven

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  • Keeps Costs Down

  • Fast, effective web based software. Our web-based software is easy to access and easy to use. You can use our software without having to install a single program! All you need is your web browser.

  • Store your most important files safely and securely. All of your files and data will be safely stored online, allowing you to access it at any time. Never worry again about data loss.

  • We provide excellent software support for all of our customers. Are you having problems with using our software? You can count on us to be there to help you through any problems you may be having.

  • Our software is designed to help you keep drilling costs down. With our data analysis and tracking tools, keeping track of your drilling consists has never been easier.

Oil & Gas Software


Our BI ORS well management software is excellent at helping your company process day to day information on drilling progress. If you want an easy to keep track of things such as bit tally, mud properties, and drilling depth per day, then our software is just what you need. We have specialized form and data storage technology that will allow you to track and store data about daily drilling reports. Data can be easily exported to any format, including PDF, XML, and Word Documents. With our BI ORS well management software, our goal is to make it easy for you to know exactly how your wells are doing.

With our BI ORS software you also have the ability to track the completions of your wells, using a number of visualization and data collection tools. With our software, you can track things such as casing type, size, and weight, as well as seat, packers, and perforations. Our software will store and process all your data for you so it is always at hand. Our software can even help you through a well workover. Throughout the process of completion and work over, you will have a safe, secure database of all your data that can be easily visualized, processed, and distributed.

Here at Business Intuition we also have products that can help you with your authorization for expenditures and capital budget & management. BI AFE Man. is our AFE management software, and it is a great asset for those crafting and managing AFEs. An AFE is an essential part of any business proposal, and with our software you will be able to craft concise, accurate, and effective AFEs every time.

When it comes to well management software, we have everything you need.

By Jeff Houpt