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Well lifecycle management software

If you are looking for well lifecycle management software, then Business Intuition is the company for you. With our web-based operational reporting system, you can track and analyze data from the entire lifecycle of a well – from drilling to completion to workovers. With BI ORS, even the most difficult, challenging data collection and analysis problems will be a thing of the past.


BI-ORS stands for Operation Reporting System (brought to you by our parent company Business Intuition) and it is designed to do just that – help you process reports over the entirety of the drilling operation. Our product has a suite of tools that will help you draft standard documents like daily drilling reports, bit records, and mud properties reports. It will also allow you to create wellbore diagrams and visualizations to help with well completion reports. Our software can even help you craft well workover reports.

What sets our software apart from our competition is the fact that it is web based software. This means that you will never have to install our software on any computer. All you need is internet access, and you will have safe, secure access to your data at all times. Our well lifecycle management software has exactly what your company needs.

For well lifecycle management software, we have the solutions you need. We want to be there to help you through every drilling problem you may have. Our product will help you at every stage of the oil and gas production, from drilling to completion and beyond.