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Mud Properties Report

Do you need drilling mud engineering software that can help you track data on mud properties for the duration of the drilling process? Business Intuition has exactly the software you need if you are looking for help compiling your drilling mud data into formats that are easy to read, export, and use for analysis. Our BI ORS software suite can help you deal with these issues and more.


With our drilling fluid engineer software, you can track a wide variety of variables about mud use and mud stock quantities. Our mud properties software first tracks general well data such as operator, contractor, and rig number, as well as well depth and other important information. It then tracks information like bit data, drilling assembly, and mud volume.

Our software can also track the overall product inventory of your supplies of drilling mud, and with this you can track the use and application of all of your different kinds of drilling mud. In turn, you will better understand just where your drilling mud expenses are going. You can also track mud consumption, rheology, and hydraulics.

Keeping track of drilling mud is an essential part of the drilling operation, and our software gives you all of the tools you need to accurately understand how your drilling mud is being used, and it can help you develop strategies for acquiring drilling mud in the future. Best of all, our software can easily and quickly export your data to any format you like, like .pdf, .xls, and .docx. If you need software for drilling mud engineering, we have just the solutions for you.