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Wellbore Schematic

Creating a wellbore schematic is a great way to plan or review a well completion. With BI ORS, our well lifecycle management software, you can create precise visualizations of how the wellbore is constructed, and this will help you get an accurate picture of just how the well completion is structured.

schematicWith our wellbore schematic software, visualizing your data is easy. You can create clean, concise, and precise graphs detailing every aspect of the well completion. You can create graphs showing diagrams of the various aspects of your wellbore, from the casings, to the packers and tubing, all the way down to the perforations. You can create schematics that show not only the organization of these structures, but also the various kinds of parts used in the well completion.

Our software will allow you to get a clear, concise picture of what the well completion looks like, allowing you to make sound judgments about the future of the well. Our visualizations will also help you with well workovers, allowing you to get a clear picture of the wellbore, so you can soundly execute any new workover plan apart from drilling partner reports.

Our wellbore visualization software comes as a part of our BI ORS system, and coupled with our data analysis and recording tools, it makes our BI ORS Software suite a capable tool for all of your needs on the drilling site. Our web-based wellbore & drilling visualization software will be sure to add clarity to the well drilling and completion process.