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Bit Tally Records

Do you need software that will keep drilling costs down by helping you keep track of drill bit use and effectiveness? Do you want software that will help you pick the right bit for the job every time? Here at Business Intuition, our web-based products can help you quickly and easily keep track of your drill bit records and compare them with drilling data from other wells.


Keeping a bit record is an essential part of understanding and controlling drilling costs. With our software, you can compare footage drilled, drilling time, and bit cost, and use this data to understand the effectiveness of each type of bit. This will allow you to make informed decisions about which bits are worth investing in, and which should be abandoned. Our bit record software is a great way to keep track of bit expenses.

Keeping a bit tally with our bit record software is even easier because our product is web-based. This means that you use our software without having to install it on many different computers. This also means that you can store all of your data in a secure database and access it from anywhere. You can also compare data from many different wells, giving you a good overall picture of bit cost versus effectiveness.

Here at Business Intuition, we are dedicated to providing oil & gas companies with real solutions to real problems of data collection and analysis. We know exactly what kind of solutions you need, and we can promise effective solutions for drilling cost problems. If you need bit record software, then you’ve come to the right place.