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Afe Management Software


Crafting an authorization for expenditure is an essential part of any drilling project. Our software is designed to help you deal with the complex process of AFE drafting and management. With BI AFE, our AFE management software, you will be able to quickly and easily manage your AFE, and your costs in relation to your AFE.

Creating a concise, accurate authorization for expenditure is a very important part of dealing with drilling costs. Our software allows you to stick to your budget every time by helping you understand where your costs are coming from and how to control your expenditures during the drilling process.

Our software has many advantages over similar software. We put a high emphasis on access and accessibility, so our capital budget and management software is built in the web and utilizes databases to store your data. This makes BI AFE easy to use, and portable, so you can access to your data whenever you need it.

Our software also allows you to export your AFE to any format you would like – from Word documents to PFF to Excel spreadsheets. With our robust and powerful AFE tracking software you will have access to all the data you need, and the ability to quickly export your data for viewing in multiple formats.

With BI AFE Management software, you will have access to tools designed and built for the oil industry to help exactly where help is needed most. Our system integrates with any accounting system and can produce a AFE VS Field Estimates VS Invoiced Amounts Report. You can count on Business Intuition to be there for you, helping you with everyday capital budget & management issues.